Since its reopening after the arson incident in 2000 the Centre has successfully served the community in a multitude of activities which have benefited the young and old, male and female alike. These activities include the following:

  1. Friday congregational prayers;
  2. Monthly lectures;
  3. Children’s classes in the evenings and at the weekend;
  4. Weekly lectures organised by the women members and classes for improving English language and other practical skills;
  5. During the summer holidays the Centre has organised activity days for children;
  6. Closer to exams time supplementary education classes are held at weekends for children taking GCSE & A level exams for English, Science, Maths and languages;
  7. Charity events at the Centre for the Tsunami disaster appeal and earthquake and flood victims in various regions of the world raising sizeable sums which have been donated to various charity organisations for such causes;
  8. Marriages – the Centre’s popularity is ever growing and being the only Muslim Community Centre in the area it has been granted licence for registration of marriages by the Registrar of Marriages, London Borough of Redbridge, whose representatives supervise marriage registrations at the Centre.
  9. Participating in inter-faith activities such as the “Three Faiths Forum” and organise meeting with the local churches and synagogue to improve and further develop the relationship between various faith communities; the Centre has hosted many successful events
  10. The Centre has held a licence as a place of worship for the past 11 years and organised prayer activities at the Centre without any problem or complaint from the neighbours except for any time when we submit a planning application;
  11. We act as a Reporting Centre for “Race Hate Crimes” and are member of the local REC. Our representatives have attended their training seminars and meetings;
  12. We are a member of the RIAG, an advisory group to the Police and have regularly attended meetings of the Group to advise on community matters;
  13. The Trust held a successful conference in 2004 at the Town Hall on “British Muslims and the challenges of sex, drugs and alcohol” which was well attended by all sections of the community and with participation from the Redbridge Police and local Health Authority members;
  14. We have an active policy of cultivating good community relations and have an “open doors” policy for the local residents. We send over 200 Christmas cards to all the residents in the neighbouring streets with a goodwill message every year and have received many appreciative responses from the local residents;
  15. We are a member of “Campaign for Peace and Justice”;
  16. We are members of the Woodford Festival Committee and have participated for the last three years regularly in the annual event providing an opportunity for the Woodford residents to visit the Centre and enjoy the arts, foods, culture and hospitality of the Muslim community;
  17. We have organised trips to the Holy Land with the Three Faiths Forum for the last 3 years and the Muslim contingent has been the largest on these occasions fostering better understanding of each others faiths and religious sites;
  18. We arranged a visit by a Palestinian and Israeli mother to give a talk about their personal loss of family members and a new perspective on the Middle East conflict;
  19. We hosted a dialogue between a Shia & Sunni Imam at the Centre to promote goodwill and better understanding of each other within the Muslim community;
  20. We organised a presentation from the British Army to explain their position on their participation in the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan followed by a Q & A session to open a dialogue between the public and the army.
  21. We organise monthly legal and medical surgeries at the Centre for all members of the society who can benefit from the free advice;
  22. We organise special health training programmes at the Centre with the help of British Heart Foundation under the Heart Start programme and train both men and women under specialist doctors to cope with special situations of heart attack etc.


The Centre encourages all its users to ensure that they do not cause any hindrance to the local residents with careless parking. While we encourage the congregation to use public transport on Fridays, our volunteers monitor the traffic flow around the Centre and to ensure parking is done in allocated areas only.

We have put up a visible permanent notice above the Primrose Road entrance requesting the users not to cause any inconvenience to the neighbours. We have also requested the police to regularly monitor the traffic around the Centre on Fridays so as to deter any parking violations.

We now lease the Car Park on Primrose Road, which was closed for 8 years by the Council, to facilitate the parking for the Centre users both on Fridays and other special occasions like Ramadan and Eid. In addition the Centre has installed Bike Stands to encourage and facilitate the usage of bikes to travel to and from the Centre for local users.

The Council has recently approved the Centre as a Community Centre and place of worship which can open for its regular prayer timings and can accommodate up to 250 people in its existing premises.

The Centre continues to fully contribute to the betterment of all sections of the society and welcomes any suggestions for further improvement.