South Woodford Mosque tops off bumper festive giving with Jesus lecture

South Woodford Mosque rounded off its festive period of giving with a talk about the importance of Jesus and Mary in Islam. It topped off their charitable activities after raising £870 for Macmillian Cancer Support and donating large quantities of food as a part of a food collection for local homeless shelters over the last few weeks.


The talk by the Mosque’s Chairman Dr Mohammed Fahim on Saturday 22 December discussed the birth of Mary and her revered status among the women of the world, her family and upbringing, the virgin birth of Jesus and his travels and miracles.  It also covered differences in Islam to the widely known nativity story being performed at schools around the country, such as Joseph’s role. Dr Fahim talked about the importance of spreading understanding of what Muslim’s believe about Christmas and Jesus.


The Mosque’s chairman and head imam Dr Mohammed Fahim said: “Many people are unaware of the revered status of Mary and Jesus to Muslims. Jesus was an important prophet and messenger in Islam, and we can use this time of year to reflect on his teachings and life.  His charity, generosity and care for the poor are key lessons reflected in the Mosque’s recent local activities. We hope to continue more of this good work in 2019.”


The talk was the last of the mosque’s activities for 2018, with plans already being made for 2019’s events including throwing open its doors to the local community for ‘Visit my mosque day’.