Mussalah Appeal

Mussalah Appeal – £3,500

Build your palace in Jannah today, Insha’Allah. At the start of Ramadan, QMT launched it’s Mussalah Appeal.

If 500 brothers, sisters or families each donate £3500 by 31 October 2019 then we can reach our goal to commence work in early 2020. £3500 is a lot of money but if we each get contributions from our family, friends and work colleagues then the figure is achievable, Insha’Allah. Secure one of the absolute forms of Sadaqah Jariya (recurring charity) and become the beneficiary of every prostration and Du’a made by those who pray on this sacred ground, Insha’Allah.

What can you do now?

Pledge £3500 for a Mussalah space today, whether on behalf of yourself, family members or those who have passed away. Payment can be made at any time before 31 October 2019. Please complete and return to us the Pledge Form. If you feel you cannot raise the above sum then make pledge for any amount that you are comfortable with. Please complete and return to us the Pledge Form.

Please visit the Centre to donate by card, cheque, cash or complete a standing order form or log into your online banking and create a standing order. Kindly contact any of the trustees if you have any questions about the redevelopment, your making a donation and/or if you wish to become a part of the QMT fund-raising team.

Mussalah Appeal

We ensure that your donations are only used and/or distributed for the purpose they were given. Please donate generously to the Masjid and other projects that we collect for. Also ensure that you complete and return to us a Gift Aid form (available at the centre).

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